This course is an applied course, designed to provide students an introduction to statistical techniques used to conduct HR and other data-based research to make decisions. The context is human resource development, but the applications are also relevant to other business and management research and decisions. An emphasis is on fostering (a) a conceptual understanding of different statistical techniques so the student will know which statistical analysis is appropriate for answering a particular research question (e.g., which training program is more effective? will higher job satisfaction lead to higher performance? etc.) and (b) a practical set of skills so the student can carry out the analysis, and (c) an appropriate understanding of the statistical theories so the student will be able to interpret the outcome of an analysis and make the correct decision.

This course aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills regarding the field of human resource development and management. It provides a platform for students to discuss issues and research related to workplace. This course is delivered through an overview of past and current research that has being done in the related fields, and a series of activities such as speeches, student presentations, classroom activities, and group discussion. The purpose of these activities is to help enhance student competence in human resource development and management, specifically in the following ability or skills:

Ÿ  oral communication skills and public speaking,

Ÿ  sensing and evaluating different trends related to human resources

Ÿ  responding to different perspectives and approaches in the workplace

Ÿ  searching necessary information about study field

Ÿ  summarizing and communicating the essence of an article

Ÿ  summarizing and communicating the development of a topic